How AI has Helped in the Transportation of Vaccine Delivery for COVID-19
June 28, 2021
Skymind Targets the UK with its $800M AI Investment Fund
September 1, 2021

News and Views: Skymind’s Insights from the World of AI

The past couple of months have been hugely exciting for Skymind, so let’s take a look back at some of our key highlights and media coverage across May, June and July.

Leading the way of course was our co-organising and hosting of the inaugural World AI Conference in South East Asia (WAIC 2021 SEA) at the beginning of the month as we brought global audiences strategic insights into the exciting technologies and innovations of the near future on a virtual stage, including those that will play a significant role for the development of the region.

Hosted over a period of four days, we had 15 speakers from various fields around the world give their perspectives on the present and future of AI, as the 2020 conference garnered over 253 million views and this year’s event expected to reach similar figures. The Star Online wrote a piece about how AI is the new imperative for businesses, while Digital News Asia also covered the conference in what was a hugely successful event for Skymind, and an opportunity to further cement our position as one of the world-leaders in the industry.

In June, our CEO Shawn Tan, penned his thoughts in AI NEWS on how artificial intelligence has helped in the transportation of vaccine delivery for COVID-19, emphasising that using AI solutions to develop and strengthen the cold chain for vaccine distribution will guarantee that vaccines are not lost, and help us overcome the pandemic quicker than we otherwise could.

And in keeping with the challenges of Coronavirus, we were also featured in Relocate Global on a piece about managing and motivating a global remote workforce using technology, where Shawn spoke about using softwares to communicate and the importance of morale and inclusive technology.

We were also delighted to announce the appointment of Yasmin Mahmood as our chairperson in April after the last year saw her bring considerable value to the company as an adviser. In a career that has spanned over three decades, Yasmin has led and managed global technology companies including Dell, HP, and was the Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia. We’re excited to see her move into her new role and are absolutely convinced that her extensive experience, insight and knowledge will help guide the company’s strategic decisions as we march on with our plans for growth.

Overall, we’re delighted to be featured across various outlets in the media and immensely proud to host WAIC 2021 SEA in what was a brilliant and fascinating event. There’s much more to look forward to from Skymind and AI in the coming months, so stay tuned for further updates.


Source:  22 July 2021