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Konduit is Now a Strategic Member of the Eclipse Foundation

Konduit is now a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation

I am pleased to announce that since October 2019, Konduit has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Strategic Member. It is a great opportunity to be here as this means we will be able to participate with other Eclipse members at a strategic level.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Reality

In 2017, Skymind joined the Eclipse Foundation as a solution member contributing its machine learning suite including Deeplearning4j, an open source project for configuring and tuning deep neural networks. Becoming part of the Eclipse ecosystem will further strengthen the community of contributors and committers for AI-driven business applications involving image and video recognition, fraud and anomaly detection, robotics, IoT, predictive analytics such as market forecasting, and other use cases for AI.

In 2018, via Skymind’s investment company, Skymind Global Ventures (SGV), Konduit was established to commercialise the Deeplearning4j open source tool.

Making AI Adoption Easy

In supporting the open source ecosystem, Konduit in October 2019 joined the Eclipse Foundation as a strategic member. This is part of Konduit’s ongoing commitment working with various IoT working groups and enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to run everywhere and everyone within the Eclipse Foundation through the DL4J technology. Our commitment is to see enterprise developers apply DL4J in a way that addresses the technical and business challenges in their industry.

As the new strategic member Konduit is also granted a seat on the Boards of Directors of the Eclipse Foundation and will be allowed to participate directly in policy decision making.

Konduit offers a suite of tools that support machine learning practitioners worldwide in any stage of their workflow. Its mission is to bridge the gap between research and enterprise. Many enterprises that are already using it, have recognised Konduit as a notable global player in AI.

Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, sees Konduit’s membership as a major bolster for the Eclipse platform, describing Konduit as “one of AI’s leader in the open source community”.

With the active contributions of Konduit and other members, the Eclipse community is leading the way in taking Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning out of academia into the real world. We are proud to support the growth of an open and vendor-neutral ecosystem that will help enterprise developers to build AI applications to run everywhere.

Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation

Achieving our goals with Eclipse Foundation

We strongly believe in the value of community development, openness, and interoperability and we know the Eclipse Foundation is the best place to achieve deep learning advances.

Eclipse technology has become the de-facto standard in many domains and, for many companies, ongoing collaboration on various projects with other industry leaders supports the standards and open source strategies of customers and partners.

Source: Konduit | 13 March 2020