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Talents, all shapes or sizes are welcomed to be part of the Skymind team and are looking to reimagine the future. This programme is specially designed to help you jumpstart your career in AI by enhancing any existing skills and closing the knowledge gap.

Apprenticeship at SEG


Shortlisted candidates will be offered a 6-month apprenticeship with Skymind where they will:

  • Experience the various AI roles involved in the industry.
  • Get the chance to explore cutting-edge AI technology.
  • Be directly involved in running AI projects.
  • Learn how to design, test and deploy AI solutions.
  • Be mentored by an experienced AI engineer.



Fresh graduates with a minimum Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Computer Science, Electronics Engineering or equivalent.

  • Unemployed OR working professionals with a background in Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent and looking for opportunities to venture into AI career development paths.
  • 30 years old and below.
  • Good grasp of (technical) programming language. Preferably in Java and/or Python
  • Good understanding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  • Experience in running AI-related projects or participating in AI Hackathons would be an advantage.


The company is dynamically [progressive] with fascinating. The company is dynamically [progressive] with fascinating interesting projects and supportive peopleing projects and supportive people

Wan Muhammad Shahmi
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Hons)

Joining the apprenticeship program at Skymind is a great opportunity to improve my skills and gain hands-on experience in the field of artificial intelligence.

Mansour Ayman Alawi
Master in Engineering Science by Research

The apprenticeship shed light on the end-to-end process of developing AI solutions for clients. I'm excited that I get to work alongside a team of experienced [AI] engineers and to be mentored by industry experts, which I'm sure will help me tremendously in kick starting my career in Deep Learning and AI

Chan Kuok Hong
Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics

I have gained a lot of insights during my apprenticeship in Skymind. I have been given the opportunity to explore Deep Learning in Computer Vision, in addition to working on an object detection model on edge devices. While challenging, all the AI engineers here are helpful as they were eager to share their knowledge and expertise. I am very grateful that I grabbed this apprenticeship opportunity to kick-start my career in the AI industry

Nur Aida Najihah binti Ismail Najib
Bachelor of Electronics Engineering

The Deep Learning Certification programme is one of the best platforms for people who want to start or venture their career as an [AI] Engineer. It provides participants with an excellent theoretical understanding in Deep Learning and hands-on programming to deliver AI solutions to the industry. One of the best practical experiences I remember from the training was having to solve an image classification and object detection problem using a Deep Learning approach

Nurulaqilla binti Khamis
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering (Computational Intelligence and AI)

Deep Learning Certification Programme provides me the confidence to apply my theoretical & practical skills on the AI applications.I'm working on applying the AI technologies for future cities which includes smart home system & automation, intelligent transportation systems & system optimization

Jauhari Tahir bin Khairuddin
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering.

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